Launch Pad



Creating buzz and building an audience is key to a successful campaign. This all happens in the Launch Pad. Everything from press releases, flyers, networking, SEO, blogs, e-mail lists and more. 


YourStreet is committed to professionally handling all of the difficult aspects of designing a new campaign with you, and only you, in mind. We don’t believe in one size fits all campaigns any more than we believe in one size fits all suits. Generic campaigns are destined to fall short of expectations because they don’t offer a convincing case as to why potential donors should support you over the myriad of other options. Unique campaigns that offer a fresh approach to an old or new idea are bound to stick out. Black sheep may have a bad reputation, but more often than not their uncommon appearance means they’re the first sale in an auction packed with their white counterparts. Sticking out apart from the competition is a necessary piece of any exceptional campaign. We want to make your campaign the black sheep of crowdfunding, without the undue societal stigma attached of course.


Our team of experts have seen it all. We know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. Rehashing a failed campaign strategy will get you nowhere, so our team is committed to combining elements of the most effective campaigns into your crowdfunding project. Small pieces like logos, mission statements, fundraising goals, and rewards programs may seem unimportant to your overall success, but combined they hold the key to your success. Removing just one or two pieces from a puzzle may not make it unrecognizable, but keep removing pieces and before long the whole is ruined. We’re devoted to ensuring every piece of your campaign is created and fine-tuned to perfection because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.